The Cozy Cozy Cardigan: Threads of Love, Distance and Goodbyes

Snuggle Time Tales: Growing Together

"The Cozy Cozy Cardigan" is a heartwarming tale that transports readers into a world of wonder and tenderness. Set in a cozy little home, the story revolves around a kind little boy and his hardworking mother, who must often be separated due to her job. A perfect companion book to explain separation anxiety.

The Fuzzy Fuzzy Bear: Finding Love In A Growing Family

“The Fuzzy Fuzzy Bear” is a heartwarming tale that explores the challenges and triumphs of welcoming a new addition to a loving family. Exploring feelings from curiosity to jealousy.This book is the perfect companion book to prepare little ones for the arrival of a new sibling.

The Lovie Dovie Blankie: Snuggles, Dreams and Sleep Routines

The story follows a little boy and his devoted dads as they embark on a mission to help him find a peaceful night's sleep. Determined to create a new sleep routine, they introduce a special item: The Lovie Dovie Blankie. This soft and cuddly companion becomes a comforting presence, ensuring the boy feels safe and secure as he drifts to sleep. The perfect companion to tackle restless nights.